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    Campfire contines to cast light

    After is has gone out. And I did walk right up to it to make sure it wasn't out of the LOD range that hides the flames.

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    Re: Campfire contines to cast light

    I can attest to this problem - happened to me too.

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    Re: Campfire contines to cast light

    Is this what u mean?

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    Re:Campfire contines to cast light

    If a campfire has endless fuel, why would it ever go out? I recall seeing the same thing, campfires that appear too be out, casting light. However after either logging or crashing out and back in, I saw those same campfires, but with fire.

    Another time I made a campfire with one toon. Then I made other toons, but every time those toons were near the campfire, they didn't see the fire. When log back in main, fire was there.

    So is it a problem with non-lit campfires still casting light, or is it a problem with not seeing the fire?
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    Re:Campfire contines to cast light

    Could be what you describe, cbowsin. I haven't tested it enough to confirm.

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