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    Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    Ok, I've never posted to any forum ever, so please forgive any social mistakes. I'm proposing something I believe has never been tried. Since the f2p crowd, aka "Farmville" etc... has seen huge success (Seriously, I was at a local library the other day and a 60 year old woman was on the library computer managing her farm,) I propose Xsyon captures this spirit.

    Here's how I propose it should work:

    If I don't want to pay to play I can agree to join a tribe and turn resources into usable goods. I could craft, I could farm, I could do manual labor and what I receive in return is protection of the tribe and my efforts. Yes I'd be an indentured slave, but I can imagine a way to freedom (including forking out the money to be a freeman).

    The paying members would constitute the leadership and the warrior class that protects the community.

    Resources can not be gathered by non paying members either. Only paying members can gather and provide the resource the f2p crowd can work with. This mitigates the chinese farmer or trial account exploits.

    I look forward to a discussion on why this might work or not. I and the community do not look forward to any flames.

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    Re:Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    while right now I would have to say there is no chance of this happening, if the game takes off after release and is stable for a few months to a year it might be something to look into.

    Your suggestion is interesting however, i feel that the limitations you suggest for F2P are way to strict, yet, at the time time, any less and it would be too much.

    I would love to hear other people's thoughts and suggestions.

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    Re: Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    It's not unprecedented. Wurm Online supported this sort of model for quite some time before they opened up a newbie island and isolated non-paying customers there. Before that F2P players could mix with the rest of the population but their skills were capped. It was a pretty good setup and helped fill the world out a little. We had hundreds of forum members trying out Wurm and contributing a little each to the building of our first village. And after that we could always count on waves of newbies whenever we started a new project. Now that free players can't play on the main servers that doesn't happen anymore.

    The main problem (and the reason they made the newbie island) was griefers. Since it didn't cost anything to make new accounts it was pretty easy to cause trouble and then flee to a new account if you got caught. Honestly I never thought the griefing was all that bad but I guess the GMs complained enough for the dev to open up the F2P island.

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    Re:Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    Biggest issue has always been unfortunately with F2p it attracts alot of the scum. Griefers and exploiters.

    Don't take me wrong I see some merit of your idea, of course this project here their is no way they could afford a F2p right now for several obvios reasons.

    One issue with your idea though, their are quite a few players that are here just to collect resources and build we don't want to do anything else. We are also willing to pay a sub for this.

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    Re:Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    I'm most appreciative of all the thoughtfull comments, thankyou! After reading all so far, I'd still submitt that the griever crowd that is typically using the F2P mode (via F2P or trial) can be silenced via a mechanic that says, either you're active in combat (aka, you've paid) or you're active in crafting or farming (aka, you're contributing to the wealth of the tribe).

    Also, the tribe leader has the ability to instantaneously boot any member who is not contributing in a positive way to the tribe.

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    Re:Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    Griefing is never as simple as that. Nor is dealing with it. Not that I'm saying the possibility of griefers is a reason to not allow free players. It's just a balance thing. What are players willing to put up with in return for a more bustling world.

    The other thing to consider is that these devs have already said they don't plan to let the server population grow unfettered. The lead dev hinted that they may cap the population (I forget the number and I'm sure it depends solely on what the server can handle while maintaining performance) so depending on how many people wind up interested in this game it's not likely he will be willing to sacrifice paying slots for free slots. However if the core paying populations levels off far below his cap then maybe he will consider some sort of F2P model to get more bodies in here (perhaps after trying a free trial).

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    Re:Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    could aways do what some F2Ps do and have limited free slots. Also, to stop combat griefers F2Ps could have less damage and less weapons to access etc. Sure it would be limited play but the idea to is nudge them into paying for it in the long run.

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    Re:Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    I have a similar idea that could be very very cool:
    - download client
    - don't register (stay anonymous)
    - don't login but press a button "play without account"
    - play casual style, just to enjoy landscape and see if the client works and stuff
    - no chat, no forum, nothing
    - but.......

    => but you can't play a human. You get to play a mob (bear, dog, whatever) and will not be able to do anything but attack humans. This will be much like being an anonymous spectator but you will lend your "intelligence" to guide that special mob and make it more life-like for the real players. Get hunted and killed... but you can "get in" casually, anonymously and for free...

    want to elaborate on that?

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    Re:Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P

    I've mostly played Subscription games, and I would say they too have their fair share of griefers and exploiters. I don't think these types of gamers limit themselves by payment method.

    As far as payment method goes, I am mostly an advocate for options. Not everyone plays the same, so I see no reason why everyone should pay the same.

    That's a pretty good idea PID. Don't forget we may also have undead and mutants, so we could include them as well. lol.

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    Re:Unique Twist Joins P2P and F2P


    Undead would be perfect for that kind of gameplay
    Imagine you can't move fast, can't chat, can't do anything an undead can't, but you can make some emotes, run and attack, showing some limited intelligence, just like undeads

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