It can be a little problematic. It seems like the recent change requires you to stand right next to the chopped end of the felled tree before you can get a right click menu which is a bit hard for people to figure out intuitively.

But even once you learn that it doesn't always work. I just chopped down a Felled Douglas Fir and I can't turn it into logs even though I'm right against the end of the tree. I can't remove the stump either.

Another thought I had is maybe it would make more sense if you made only long logs from felled trees and short logs from long logs. For one is seems like a more logical pattern plus it would allow you to get a mixture of log types from one tree or only need to store long logs in whatever storage methods are going to be in this game.

Meh. A minor thing and probably not worth looking into if it's any sort of hassle.