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    Cant play at all, crafting crashes *sigh*

    Well i make a break here, just to mention it. I just testet Tailoring, Basketry and Scavenging, well....

    I dont know why but my crafting menue seems now to create regulary client crashes at some points....when i got a special amount of gained patterns trough working it beginns to crash regulary in the crafting menue....

    But at the end, nice work with crafting so far, i think the gain for new patterns at working is okay and the basketry crafts are nice too!

    Well i just hope for a quick solution! =) Or a explanation what i do maybe wrong or shouldnt do! ^^

    And yes i send allready screens and explenations to the Bug eMail ^^



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    Re:Cant play at all, crafting crashes *sigh*

    Hello Ferigad,

    You also deleted and replaced Interface.xsip, correct?

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    Re:Cant play at all, crafting crashes *sigh*

    Uhm no....not actually...should i? Looks like i missed somethin!

    I will try that...

    and tryed redownloaded, i tryed to log in and uhm...maybe the server is offline or somethin is wrong, because i cannot login atm ^^

    Now i can and CONFIRM my Character is messed up, all Craftet items are gone ^^

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