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    Any Ventrillo Experts Out there?

    Hi guys... I'm having some problems with ventrillo that I can't seem to find any answers to.

    Basically, I have the server up and running and members can log on without any problems. I know this because I have seen the screenies and also I can see the log on the server.

    The problem is... I can't log in :S

    If I use the IP address that everyone else is using (the real IP) it won't connect me. However, if I use my local IP behind my router I can log in. I can see all the rooms but not any of the other users... weird?

    Help :silly:

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    Re: Any Ventrillo Expersts Out there?

    hey bossman,
    I've never ran a Ventrilo server,
    but that looks very much like having some issues in the NAT on the router.
    EDIT: Found some talk about different port-rules TCP/UDP that perhaps are neccessary for the Vent-Server. Perhaps [url=]that[/url] helps.

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    Re:Any Ventrillo Expersts Out there?

    Thanks Snake... but it actually did all this and I still can't get it right...


    My port forwarding is open, I can connect with my local IP ... I must be missing something.

    So, I have port forwarding set for both my PC and my server just to make sure... question: my server is really just another PC on my LAN... does it need windows server software or a simple Vista install?

    Anyone help appreciated

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    Re:Any Ventrillo Expersts Out there?

    check that all your routers allow that port. I have a linksys router and a Vonage router and i have to make sure both of those port forward.

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    Re:Any Ventrillo Expersts Out there?

    I don't think "expersts" exist anywhere.

    [size=1]Yeah, I know. I'm not funny.[/size]

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    Re:Any Ventrillo Experts Out there?

    Well this just gets more and more confusing...

    I am connected to my vent server... no doubt about that...I can see myself on this status report from the ventrillo URL. Thats me in the lobby talking to myself :laugh:


    but I can't see anyone else Other members are connected using the external IP address ( and I'm connected using my local IP ( ... yet we are somehow on different ventrillo's.. same rooms... just cant see each other.

    If I try the external IP I can't connect. If members try my 'behind the firewall IP' they can't connect...

    Port forwarding is set on the router


    :blink: :blink: :blink: :laugh:

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    Re:Any Ventrillo Experts Out there?

    This more than likely has to do with the user settings you have setup for their rankings.

    Log into your vent as Admin, right click, go to "User Editor" and ensure you have selected all the correct boxes from the Network/Transmit and Display tabs.

    Display will be the reason they cannot see you, and you cannot see them. You'll have to check the boxes "see channels", etc.

    Handy site for vent servers: [url][/url]

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    Re:Any Ventrillo Experts Out there?

    Hey there Nik,

    well, I'm not able to say it has nothing to do with the Ventrilo itself, but concerning the NAT-rules there are some things conspicuous to me.

    1. I can only see one port configured, the special Ventrilo-port, but most servers communicate on several high UDP-ports too, like in the former URL mentioned I posted. I don't think this wide range is necessary, but I'm quite sure that there is more need than just the port 3784.

    2. Your rules seem to have the 'public' port 3784 fixed, but that not always is true for every application. It IS for something like SSH or telnet if the defaults are used, but the clients coming in are in other applications mostly using random ports. So 'any' public port has to be forwarded to this specific server-port where it is listening. The screen shows my portrules for a server running an Apache and an OpenSim-Server(9101). As you can see the traffic for the local port 80 (Apache) is accepted for any incoming port, because you never know which ports the clients are using. Imagine two clients coming from the same public IP and both want to connect to your server

    [img size=600][/img]

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    Re:Any Ventrillo Experts Out there?

    First off guys... thanks for trying to help... this is driving me crazy :blink:


    I checked the user rights and the 1st thing that strikes me is that I am the only user! This is weird as I know other members are registered and I've seen the server logs...

    I then checked the 'Network' tab... I can't see anything obvious here?

    Then the 'Transmit' tab....everything is ticked pretty much

    Display Tab... everything ticked...

    Admin Tab.. everything ticked..


    All ventrillo isntructions (including some Youtube pod-casts say the ventrillo only operates on port 3784.

    The crazy thing appears that the vent server is setup correctly accounding to the ventrillo status link here..


    but I am the only one that can't connect using that IP... and it's my server :S

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    Re:Any Ventrillo Experts Out there?

    Yeah, that's really strange Nik. But there is some more thing in which you are perhaps the only one: If going to the official IP you are perhaps the only one who tries to use the same port 3784 and the same IP twice for two different machines, your Server and your Client
    Let us think it over: Local: NAT is not used. Client can connect via a Random Port to 3784. Global: NAT works. Client is forwarded from official IP and 3784 to official IP and 3784. What? That's itself again!! (sorry for typos it's my iPhone lol)

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