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Thread: Just crashed

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    Just crashed

    Was doing some crafting and game crashed for me... everyone else ?

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    Re:Just crashed

    me too
    and i cant get back in

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    Re:Just crashed

    guess server must be down

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    Re:Just crashed


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    Re:Just crashed

    lol hope it wasnt the huge pyramid i was building =op

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    Re:Just crashed

    well, jooki just posted about an update about an hour ago, maybe that has something to do with it.

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    Re:Just crashed

    Just told me server is not online lets hope it come online soon

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    Re:Just crashed

    hehe any our toons arent wiped, was almost done with the first tier of my pyramid. :laugh:

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    Re:Just crashed

    back up
    HUGE 12hours or so

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    Re:Just crashed

    Yes, the world stopped saving a while back.

    We're testing fixes for this on the test server right now.

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