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    DeSpined Human Bug

    Ok so earlier I killed a player in test pvp..
    Curiosity got the best of me so I click hunter and tried to debone them..of course it didnt work, but when they respawned the were moving around on their face like a snake. A restart fixed it, but might be a glitch.
    Will check further...

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    Re:DeSpined Human Bug

    Hmm. I always thought the human parts came from undead/mutant type mobs/npcs. Should we even be able to use hunter abilities on other players?

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    Re:DeSpined Human Bug

    That would depend on the outcomes of the game. To allow such actions would create a evil character.

    IE using human blood to sustain life (AKA vampire). Using bones to create guards (AKA skeletons). Or using (the best) body parts to great a better creature (AKA zombie).

    These actions are often tied into the game and in life (both game and real) these actions would constitute a form of a evil force.

    Now the question is, will this game follow suit. Either in terms of Player abilities and/or NPC abilities. I don't think we can provide an answer to that. Either way, it would be interesting.

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