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    Terraforming and crashes...

    Heya J'ster

    I was wondering if the recient server crashes were due to people terraforming.

    Before the first crash, during the lag spikes I was building a giant fort..
    The after the second crash, someone complained that all their digging was erased..
    Just curious, so that I know whether or not to use the skill.

    Thank :cheer:

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    Re: Terraforming and crashes...

    The short answer is... I'm not sure.

    Terraforming at least to my last update on how it was done, would cause lag because the game renders the terrain before you enter into the game and of course updates this data while in game. Currently I don't think the terrain update has been installed, however I could be wrong.

    It is quite likely that the terrain was reset on the last crash. As terrain is known to be a cause of issues it is reset often. Was it reset this time, I'm uncertain, but I am sure that it is reset often to ensure a smoother game. Since this is a beta its to be expected.

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    Re: Terraforming and crashes...

    The crashing is unrelated to terraforming. It's more related to moving objects between your inventory and bags on the ground which needs some fixing.

    Something is causing the saving loop to stall while the game continues running.

    We'll see if this can still happen with our next update. So far our tests today ran fine, but we'll see soon enough.

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    Re: Terraforming and crashes...

    inventory is causing the entire server to crash?!?! I mean every player dropping out, happened twice today.

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    Re: Terraforming and crashes...

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that something can cause the server to crash. It's not like it's isolated from what we do with our clients. From the server's point of view all of our inventories are just a big database and if a bug is corrupting that database then it's not hard to imagine it causing problems for the server.

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