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    Terraforming and Treasures

    Would be nice if terraformers had a chance to discover hidden rare treasures while terraforming.

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    Re:Terraforming and Treasures


    WOW. What a great idea!

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    Re: Terraforming and Treasures

    +1 =D

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    Re:Terraforming and Treasures

    Sounds cool. Anything to add, or just "RARE TREAAASURES"?

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    Re:Terraforming and Treasures

    Would be good if you could find the normal things you might find when digging. eg bones, large stones, bits of bricks, did I mention bones? Maybe the bones could be from extinct creature types so digging/scavenging for them would be the only way to get them (as apposed to hunting)

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    Re:Terraforming and Treasures

    i think this is already planned. I know that stuff will be hidden under ground, this might be how you unearth it.

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    Re:Terraforming and Treasures

    Hehe, Find a treasure map and go dig em up That would be pretty neat for sure!

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