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    Zone distribution?

    Anyone any ideas what this means?

    The database has been wiped completely as this build features a new zone distribution.
    More zones? Less zones? New Zones? Smaller/bigger zones? :laugh:

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    Re: Zone distribution?

    Same zones, the way items will be distributed will vary. Theoretically not all items are suppose to be found in .. let's say the same scrap heap. Some might be in North while others might be in South. Thus creates a reason for trading between tribes. Imagine a trader from far north travelling to a tribe far south to trade goods only to find out they got everything already and dont need to trade. If every tribe is completely sulf-sufficient on all goods, trading would not exist.

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    Re: Zone distribution?

    very good point, cbowsin, but I'd also put in "tiers". let's say you have low, medium and top tier crafting (corresponding to early/low level crafting and late/high level up to endgame crafting). The higher you get the more diverse stuff you need. If the first recipes already need ingredients from 3 extreme border zones, it will be very difficult at the start...

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    Re: Zone distribution?

    Anyone any ideas what this means?
    It means the zones are divided into smaller zones.

    Cbowsin is also correct about item distribution.

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    Re: Zone distribution?

    Xsyon wrote:

    Cbowsin is also correct about item distribution.

    That is very good news

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    Re:Zone distribution?

    So that might explain wy i have not succseded in finding anny metal decorations

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