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    hi there..

    hi i want to preorder the game but it seems like it accept just creditcards am i right? i love the idea of the game and im bored of all the other mmo games that i played, is there a way to preorder via paypal? oh btw will there be doors ingame to lock and unlock?

    edit: sry my english is not the best (german)

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    Re:hi there..

    Currently it is credit card only, a new website is in the works hopefully options for other payment options will come through along with it.

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    Re:hi there..

    Hi Desaster and welcome.

    Check out this thread:

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    Re:hi there..

    oh i see thanks for the quick answer

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    Re:hi there..

    stickies = friend

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    Re:hi there..

    Virtus wrote:
    stickies = friend
    Thats what they want us to belive! :unsure:

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