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    Is it playable by anyone right now ?

    Hi Guys,

    Downlaoded the client ok, but the launcher says it the wrong version.

    That aside it Xyson playing for free or in Open Beta right now?



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    Re:Is it playable by anyone right now ?

    Did you get the client installer from your pre-order email?

    Technically they refer to it as "early access".

    Right now everyone playing has pre-ordered. So everyone in game has paid. How you or they want to look at it, is up to each person.

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    Re:Is it playable by anyone right now ?

    Like cbowsin said, need to preorder to play. If you did, here is the downloader.

    It is playable. I play mostly in spurts when new stuff comes in but with creatures almost in, I will be playing regularly I am guessing.

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    Re:Is it playable by anyone right now ?

    Thanks for the responses guys.

    No way I'm paying for another unreleased game. I just un-installed Mortla Online after paying for that as a pre-order hoping that the support and everyone elses would ensure fast turnaround of issues post launch. But TBH it is shite.

    I'll wait untill after its released and stable and has a good happy player base I think.

    Cheers though.

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    Re:Is it playable by anyone right now ?

    I am in the same boat with you in regards to MO. Devs here are…. different.

    I don’t blame you though, see you back soon

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    Re:Is it playable by anyone right now ?

    I have fun playing this game, while it develops. So its different than what you've played. It worth it.

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