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Thread: Taxidermy

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    OK, I did a forum search on this already and have found nothing. If it's called something else in game, please share a link to the thread...

    If taxidermy is attainable in this game, it's going to kick so much ass I may never stop soiling myself.

    Player housing and tribal buildings full of stuffed and mounted animals, trophies, wall mounted fish, etc, is a NATURAL for this game!

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    The animals aren't even in game yet...

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    CrazyMoe wrote:
    The animals aren't even in game yet...
    This forum's description says "Discuss current, future, and desirable features"

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    I double posted cause my finger hit f5, sorry.

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    Well yeah taxidermy would be fun I guess but I can live without it. :P
    They should create a 3D model for each item so we can drop all of them in houses for decoration, that would be a huge step forward.

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    It wasn't planned, but I like the suggestion for the future.


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    Mounted bear head ftw.

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