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Thread: Moral Choices

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    Moral Choices

    okay I heard something about morality choices like chaos, order, good and evil but is that all the morality choices there are? and also if there is or isn't how does that effect your character?

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    Re: Moral Choices

    I think it might mean the neutrality of a tribe you're in. If each player has his own moral compass, that'd be awesome as well. Being able to be a lawful person in a chaotic tribe

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    Re: Moral Choices

    Yeah that would help alot.

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    Re: Moral Choices

    Morality choices are for tribes, a tribe can choose to be good, neutral or evil. It affects the tribe members of course, you can read more about it here:

    The tribe zones of neutral and good tribes will be safe zones during Prelude, but the area of an evil tribe won't.

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    Re: Moral Choices

    It will be interesting to see if the benefits out weight the negatives in being Evil.

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    Re:Moral Choices

    I cant say that I'm overly thrilled by this concept.

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