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    Canceling actions

    As a lake-renowned rugged basketweaver, I often have my crafting menu open, and like to browse the available recipes.

    If you are doing an action, fishing, terraforming, eating/drinking, selecting a recipe cancels it.

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    Re:Canceling actions

    Yup. Also if you have a blinking cursor on the chatbox, you can not view crafting recipes either.

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    Re:Canceling actions

    Yeah, I kept meaning to post this one. This is pretty annoying (though not as annoying as the closing bags bug).

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    Re:Canceling actions

    Yes, this was done deliberately to prevent several actions at once.

    I've made some changes to the server this weekend so that now I can probably set this back so that browsing recipes won't have affect on your actions.

    This is on my list of things to check today.

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