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    Carrying multiple packs bug

    Hey figured i better bug this. If you place a empty pack on the ground you can then add another pack inside the first.If you have items in the second pack it will not add weight to the first pack thus eliminating the item weight of all items in the second pack.

    Seemed like a pretty bad bug.

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    Re:Carrying multiple packs bug

    huh, ill have to check this one out.

    Last I heared when you add a baf to another it dissapeares

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    Re:Carrying multiple packs bug

    Nope tried it myself and it works you can add multiple packs to one and it does NOT add the weight of the other packs contents.

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    Re:Carrying multiple packs bug

    Correct, it does not add weight, but I think the bug is adding a pack into another.

    I thought how easy it would be to carry 1 pack with a dozen packs from spawn point to where ever I need to. The problem is you can't do nothing with the pack inside the pack.

    If you open a pack on the ground, you can not move the pack to your empty pack slot. If you move the pack to your pack, then you can't move it to your back slot because it is occupied. Then if you try to drop it like a log or heap of scrap, you will be prompted to discard, which destroys that extra pack.

    So if we SHOULD be able to put packs into one another, then yes it should add weight, and it is bugged because we can not remove them.

    If we SHOULD NOT be able to put packs into one another then the bug is that it allows us to add the pack inside another pack to begin with.

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    Re:Carrying multiple packs bug

    I was able to move the packs around and drop them without losing a thing. I made quit a few alts and left all the bags near the starting point at Round Hill. I then used my last alt to carry them to base camp and place them all on the ground.

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    Re:Carrying multiple packs bug

    Well how i found it to work was this. If i added another pack inside the first pack i could then carry that pack with full items or even add items to it by right clicking the pack inside, Doing this would open that pack and i could add or remove items. Now to get rid of the extra pack all you do is pick it up and drag it out of the main pack and it drops to the ground.
    I would not think they would allow this? And if it is a legit way to carry extra packs then my only concern is the fact that the packs inside do not carry over their weight of items inside.

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    Re:Carrying multiple packs bug

    Yeah, I agree about the weight, but I'm perfectly comfortable with being able to carry items in a pack, within a pack.

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    Bag bug addon..

    Just to add onto the bag bug problem...You can add you backpack into a ground bag, but can never get it back...what goes in cant be draged to an empty backpack slot.

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    Re:Bag bug addon..

    lol...thanks sonne...
    Get yer but in game...getting tired of beating up only trees lol

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