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Thread: Clearing snow

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    Clearing snow

    Would be great if the clear terrain action cleared snow from the current tile. I attempted to do it on a junk pile, to find not only did it leave the snow but it cleared away the junk pile! Not sure why anyone would want to do that but maybe first use clears snow, 2nd clears the junk? Haven't really tried this yet but I'd assume snow greatly reduces your speed, and roads have no benefit when covered in snow, so clearing roads of snow would be important.

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    Re:Clearing snow

    I hate shoveling snow, thatís why I moved south

    But yeah, it would be nice if we could clear the snow for less snow/ winter penalty.

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    Re:Clearing snow

    I hear that! I live in Canada and exclusively live in apartments, or condos to avoid shoveling that whit shit.

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    Re:Clearing snow

    I grew up in north east Ohio just off the great lakes. Probably not as much snow as in Canada but enough to keep me from ever moving back.

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    Re:Clearing snow

    Where I'm from isn't as bad as the midwest. It's not the cold that bothers me but moving all the wet snow, it's freaking heavy

    When I was a kid my parents had a house with a radiculiously long drive way. Use to take me half a day to clear it. Since then I've vowed to never own a drive way in my life. At least one I'd have to shovel B)

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    Re:Clearing snow

    Hehe, I grew up in ohio and then moved to Buffalo new York. My step father at the time had a snow blower i swear was the size of a mac truck! He would start it up and the ground would rumble lol.
    Now i am back in southern Ohio and wish we got the big snows! Yeah i know, I am a glutton for punishment I just love snow.
    When i logged on and actually saw the ground covered with snow in game i was flat out amazed. I love the fact that the seasons change and you actually have the different weather effects!

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