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Thread: Patcher Bug

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    Patcher Bug

    I went to log in this morning and when the patcher came up the part that usualy says 'connected...' was a jumble of leters and numbers on top of each other, to the point I couldn't read them. Then, the the area that shows the number of files transfering is '0 out of 0'. That said, the game still let me long into the regular server. When I tryiedto connect to the test server, however, I got a message about not having the right version.

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    Re:Patcher Bug

    Patch today.

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    Re:Patcher Bug

    So the new patch isn't out yet?

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    Re:Patcher Bug

    That's odd i have been on for a few hours now, I just now either crashed or was booted. Maybe patch time?

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    Re:Patcher Bug

    My bad then. I thought the new patch was out and wasn't working for me.

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    Re:Patcher Bug

    He always announces it when there's a new patch.

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    Re:Patcher Bug

    Well he did kinda announce it yesterday. And said the animals were going in today. I reckon i am just a bit excited hehe.

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