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Thread: Bugged Recipe..

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    Bugged Recipe..

    Hoga Vest:

    Tools needed - Tools Used
    Sheers - Scrapper's Scissors
    Needle - Bone Needle
    Awl - Scrapper's Awl
    Measure - Crafter's Rule
    Bevel - Scrapper's Bevel

    Materials Used:
    Raccoon Leather
    Raccoon Fur Scraps

    I add all the required items and hit craft
    Green craft bar goes, then....

    "In correct tools to craft this item"

    If their incorrect, then why did it let me use them, or whats wrong with them???

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    Re:Bugged Recipe..

    Hello Risk,

    This is the same issue that Nails reported. We added this additional check and tested this quite a bit, but apparently something's not right.

    Were you moving things in your inventory while crafting? Is this repeatable?

    I will check these exact situations. Thanks for the detailed reports!

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    Re:Bugged Recipe..

    Nothing really moved around aside from drag/droping req'd resources.
    It happens every time I try to craft Hoga Vest.
    No resources are consumed after the error message is displayed

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    Re:Bugged Recipe..

    I have been getting this error message when I try to make a Freel Longhorn Belt. I add all the materials and tools using right click, hit craft and get error message. Not moving anything around in bags or even trying to move character.

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    Re:Bugged Recipe..

    same problem with

    Hoga Headdress

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    Re:Bugged Recipe..

    Ok. I've got this one figured out and am working on the fix.


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    Re:Bugged Recipe..

    When you guys have time, please check these again.

    I patched out a quick update that should fix these.

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    Re:Bugged Recipe..

    works great, thanks chief!

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