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    August Release Still on Track?

    As the title says, August 15th is less that a month and a half away.

    Is the game still hopefully on track for launch on or around that date?

    Thank you!

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    Re:August Release Still on Track?

    Last I heard it was, as long as Murphy's law doesn't come into affect.

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    Re:August Release Still on Track?

    currently yes, but it isn't concrete. As cbowsin said, as long as nothing bad happens and Jooky gets everything in he wants to then it will be released. However, if he does not feel that he is ready it will be delayed again.

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    Re:August Release Still on Track?

    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    Of course, if it isn't ready, it should be delayed. That just makes sense.

    But, let's hope it'll be ready....

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