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    combat vs. npcs/animals - kiting - etc...


    some first impressions about combat vs. animals on test server:

    - you have to be really close to be able to hit, I mostly can only hit if I stand in, not in front of, the creature

    - most easy to kite, get agro, run backward, if your light (not heavy loaded) it wont be able to hit you, after a while the creature will start 'thinking' if it should run back or what, it mostly will turn for this, close in a try to get a few hits, it wont fight in that time, when it starts facing you again run backward again, redo when it starts 'thinking' again - bear goes down with no single scratch to you even at newbie skill level

    - I assume the left green bar we see on top is the creatures health, no idea what the right green bar is, thing is, it will only come up when you are really close, would be appreciated if it would stay up there even if you are a few feet away from the creature (well, healthbar is anyhow not needed with the above kiting tech *eg*)
    the friend foe button shouldn't really be up there with a creature - or am I missing something?

    - agro list seems broken, it tends to keep agro even on long gone foes or already dead foes, entering the 'thinking' mode (see above)

    - afaik this game will, once final, not spawn creatures but have them breed and such, why does it seem creatures love to go back to the point where you first encountered them?
    makes sense that they do not chase you forever, but does not really make sense that they afterwards are strongly drawn to run back to their original position

    so far my first impression, not sure if you'd call it bug or suggestion, just my 0.02$


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    Re:combat vs. npcs/animals - kiting - etc...

    animals have no agro list they just ran after you when you go near them. Currently I believe they are running on basic mode and still need smarts put in them. (could be wrong)

    As for bred creates, I think that is an idea for later.

    Moving to tweaks section.

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    Re:combat vs. npcs/animals - kiting - etc...

    Deleted by user, sorry.

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    Re:combat vs. npcs/animals - kiting - etc...

    - some sort of agro list or agro slot there must be, it's damnd hard to pull a creature from it's very first target, but maybe it's just because they love to hit what they face at that moment

    - player hit range I already mentioned - it is def. very short, at the distance creatures run up to you and are able to hit you players are not, as a player you nearly have to stand in the middle of a creature to be able to hit it it seems

    - creatures hit range - in rare occasions even creatures can not hit you when they run up to you, seem like it is a distance problem, they do not run up to you close enought

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    Re:combat vs. npcs/animals - kiting - etc...

    so i killed some racoons and bears... its all nice except our hit range and visual feedback like blood and a better smoothness in combat/sync overall but it's impressive to finally see the world having creatures.

    when can we skin/gut/bone em ?

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    Re:combat vs. npcs/animals - kiting - etc...

    yup, i was wrong, they do have a agro list but it does all have to be tweaked and worked on.

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