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    I couldn't find a "bugs" Thread so i just made one. There is a problem with Terraforming, any kind of Terraforming kicks you out of the game after u do it 5-10 times sometime less. It was kicking me every time for a while. You guys probly already know about it but im just letting you know just in case you didnt.

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    Re: Bugs

    There is a whole Bugs section in the Citizens' zone with many threads. Why do you post here in the public zone?

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    maybe he doesnt have access?

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    Yes, he does now.

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    When I log in it says Object: 5024 is not a valid Physical wrold object. Not sure what it means but it says that three times.

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    Sometimes when I get disconnected it says C++ runtime error, just wondering what that means.

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    its been noted,
    Just email the bug you run into...
    If it's game stopping then make a forum post so others can verify.

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