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    are all crafting tools available in game for the basic schemes right now?

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    to get the most common tools you dont have, atm you make a toon with said tools, drop the bag..delete..then make the toon that needs them.
    When live hits we'll have only one toon, so we'll need to rely on others for help.

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    hu ?
    i can't see a tool i can't get by a toolcrafter...

    wich tools are not implemented?

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    I haven't seen a recipe yet that required a tool that wasn't available to toolcrafters. I have seen many tools available to the toolcrafter that are so far required by no crafter.

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    Yes, tool crafters can create all necessary tools.

    I think Risk meant starting tools.

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    Yep ment the starters. Tons of tools for crafts that aren't even in game yet. Though is still believe that paddles aren't for canoes but for when Sonne acts up in game. Hehe

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