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    Type of game I'd like to see

    I was surfing the net when I found this.


    I feel this is the type of game i'd like to see

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    Re:Type of game I'd like to see

    I would have to say this is not that type of game.

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    Re: Type of game I'd like to see

    No thank you.

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    Re: Type of game I'd like to see

    [quote]Although the players of underworld MMO can have sex, the game is not centered around that[/quote]

    Yay lets have sex with outher guys playing female chars!

    [quote]The graphics of Underworld MMO reflect the mature themes and content of the game itself[/quote]

    The only pictures is of female chars and they look like hentai porn.

    [quote]Executive Summary
    Estimated Financial data FY 2007-FY2009[/quote]

    In there 2007 Estimated Financial data they have a $3,000,000 sale and 3 years later all you can see is 4 poorly computerpainted pictures of famale chars in latex and no forum.

    And what is this underwold shit? If I die I have to grined in the underwold to get back and play with my friends?
    And they say nothing about pvp.

    I could see 1 good thing and that was player own property and stored

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    Re:Type of game I'd like to see

    I really have no idea why you would want to play a game with the opening gambit that reads...

    [quote]1.1. Objectives
    The objectives of Underworld Games are listed below:
    1. Achieve gross earnings of $130,000 per month within first 6-12 months of retail operation (18-
    24 months after startup).
    2. Maintain an average gross margin of 80% throughout the entire operation.
    3. Achieve 40,000 customers in the first year of operation.
    4. Provide investors minimum 15% annual return on investment.[/quote]

    Maybe you are on the wrong forum?

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    Re:Type of game I'd like to see

    My guess? He came to advertise a game he is working on? Although poor :dry:

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