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    Patch server down?

    So, I decided to buy the pre-order; Based on the quality of work I have seen in videos online (which I really liked) I figured I would support the game/devs. I just started patching and got about 20% done when it stopped. I can not connect to the patch server at all right now. I thought I would check to see if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

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    Re:Patch server down?

    Xsyon/Jordi mentioned earlier that he will be updating the servers sometime today. It could be now. I also can not enter the game due to no connection to the update server.

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    Re:Patch server down?

    Thank you for your reply. The server appears to be back now (I am patching again)

    See you in game.

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    Re:Patch server down?

    On a related note this game has the best (only proactive) customer support I have ever seen.

    Thank you!

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    Re:Patch server down?

    Hi, I am getting an incorrect launcher version when I try to patch. I have checked my email and the latest client I received was June 18th I believe. Anyone else having problems?

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    Re:Patch server down?


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    Re:Patch server down?

    np glad i could help

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