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    Container self contained.

    I ran into this problem.
    I've put a container inside of himself (into the first free slot) and this has disappeared into the void.

    I think it would be better to automatically close the container as soon as you try to move them.

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    Re:Container self contained.

    If I am reading your post correctly I would be suprised if this wasn't nerfed as an exploit or even a bug. Placing a container in a another container of the same size is not physically possible.

    Added to that, filling the inner container adds no weight to the toon... now that has to be wrong.

    Another thing I noticed too was that you can fill your pack with far more weight than you can carry. Your toon goes loopy (forward = backward, backwards=forwards and slides rather then walks). The sliding bar inside weight indicator also extends out of the indicator borders and, if you fill up enough, off the screen.

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    Re:Container self contained.

    Yes, I'm making changes to the containers, but I keep getting interrupted by updates from the other programmers that I need to check.

    I'm working on this now, so hopefully the next update tonight or tomorrow will have the containers working correctly.

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    Re:Container self contained.

    Bossman wrote:
    filling the inner container adds no weight to the toon... now that has to be wrong.
    Well if you were already carrying the item that you put into the inner container... you were already carrying it, therefore toting the weight.
    Nothing would be added.

    Now, if you picked something off the ground and stashed it in there and it didn't add anything, you got yourself an exploit.

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