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    Trade my account

    Well this games never gonna come out, I will sell my pre order account for 20 bucks, or trade for like ulitma online, or everquest stuff.

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    Re: Trade my account

    The game will be out once it is ready.

    The team doesn't want to release a very unstable and buggy game to you, they are working their hardest on the game.

    It takes time though . The games you've mentioned 'Ultima online' and 'Everquest', I am pretty sure when they was in this stage that Xsyon is at some people felt the same way you do now, fact is, such a project takes a lot of time.

    So why not stick around a bit longer ?

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    Re:Trade my account

    Why so antsy all of a sudden? It was pushed back to August quite some time ago.

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    Re:Trade my account

    [b]prokop15 wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Just get a refund dude[/quote]

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    Re:Trade my account

    [b]prokop15 wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Just get a refund dude[/quote]

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    Re:Trade my account

    I'm going to lock this thread till I find out if this is allowed to be listed here. Anyone who makes another thread of a similar likeness will receive a warning till I find out the policy for such trades and/or selling of account data.

    We have cool new forums... Y~A~Y

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