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    How does a war totem halfway between two tribes where ppl from both tribes can meet in combat sound. There could be some type of benefit from winning the war. It could last for a certain amount of time after the tribes declare war.

    Both tribes would have to declare war maby?

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    I think for something like that it would have to be something other than a Totem Pole. More like events that happen with different stories being told by the Team.

    The main theme we are seeing is, 'control the land control the item'.

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    What would be the advantage of this in an open PVP game?

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    well you would know where to look for the enemy, and maby there could be war ranks just to brag about.

    you would be able to be enemies with a tribe and kill them any time but the war would be more like an special event.

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    So you are saying like a combat grounds?Where the tribes could go and just battle anytime?
    More or less like WOW and it's battlegrounds.I think the battlegrounds will end up being the tribes homelands,Not so much a place where you plant a totem and go battle.I for one like the fact that the battles or skirmishes will be random.

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