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    Unable to right click on fallen trees

    If you right click many times you eventually can move it fast enough to be able to cut up the tree that is laying on the ground. Other than that, you can't right click it to cut it.

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    Re:Unable to right click on fallen trees

    Try moving very close to the tree, or for the stump, jumping on top of the stump. The right click feature reduced the size of the click box.

    Edit - oh sorry, never mind. I didn't watch the whole video first.

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    Re:Unable to right click on fallen trees

    Same... the menu opens and closes too quickly and if I spin the camera angle around the tree just vanishes :woohoo:

    EDIT: i found a fix for this...

    Face the opposite way looking down the trunk toward the bottom and move the camera angle so you are looking directly down from above...seems to work for me..

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    Re:Unable to right click on fallen trees

    Yes, it was based on the tree's center position, which is actually where the stump is.

    However, I've changed all this today and will update again after tonight's internal testing.

    With the next update you should be able to chop a tree from anywhere along the trunk.

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