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    New Players

    I was wondering how new players joining the game was going to work. I remember reading somewhere that new players would have the option of spawning in or near an existing tribe's totem in the future. If there are no other tribes near that location then the player will probably be living in that tribe's village, but does that make him part of that tribe or just living in the village? If he then becomes part of that tribe, what if that tribe doesnt want him? Then he has to wander around trying to find a dif tribe, or create a new char and spawn somewhere else? If he's just living in the village (maybe paying rent or something to have a house there) how would that work?

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    Re:New Players

    There will be several "Spawn in points" However these are just a place to spawn your character at creation.Unless i am mistaken i do not believe this will have anything to do with a tribes totem location.

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    Re:New Players

    From what I recall, there will be spawn points placed that will allow tribes to build at different locations.

    Spawning at 'point five' and 'tribe bee' decides to build their tribe on that exact point wont make the player join that location... thou it may be unwise to build there.

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    Re:New Players

    I'm sure the admins will give us the option to turn off the "Noob Spawn" at our totems.

    I'm also guessing that places like Round Hill will still exist, possibly with a small NPC area where noobs can spawn... If no NPC area exist (likely), then I guess we'll restricted from building near it.

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    Re:New Players

    If a person absolutely must be a member of a tribe, maybe it would be wise to have a "newbie tribe" in place. When a player spawns they are automatically a part of that tribe. Of course, compared to regular tribes you would have very limited abilities in your territory, maybe no building, terraforming, etc. It would serve more as a place for newbies to get a feel for the game, maybe with an npc guide or a tutorial in place.

    Basically it's just a matter of balancing this tribe to encourage a player to join a true tribe, maybe have a public board where other tribes can post up recruitment ads. Small area of territory, very limited abilities for tribe members, etc. Make it more of a very temporary stop than a real home.

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    Re:New Players

    Meh, shouldn't have to be apart of a tribe.

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    Re:New Players

    You don't have to be, but the game is built upon surviving together. There are only bears out there stopping you from going out alone.

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    Re:New Players

    But you can only terraform (and maybe build?) in land claimed by your tribe, and you need a minimum of 10 people to create a tribe, so you cant go it alone, unless you are fine having no home etc

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    Re:New Players

    You, don't have to terraform to build. I believe there are plans to include buildings that can be built off tribal lands.

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