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    Flint and Blade only equals Fire?

    So I made my first character after the wipe, Armed Combat, Axes, Logging, and Scavenging, with a craft skill. I found a flint, and found out only after trying to start a fire that I needed a bladed weapon.

    Suggestion: If you choose Axes, Logging, Blades, or Hunting for your weapon skill, allow only those four to start fires with flint. This will ease up on a little of the restrictions for starting characters.

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    Re:Flint and Blade only equals Fire?

    Spray wood with kerosene. Put water in quicklime (placed under wood). Then put a few pieces of sulphur in the quicklime/water mixture. Viola fire is on. Known from ancient times of making fire.

    This is not (yet?) in XSYON, but another way to make fire than using flint.


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    Re:Flint and Blade only equals Fire?

    Everyone should be able to create fire... you just got to figure out how - now you know. Does not need to be restricted.

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    Re: Flint and Blade only equals Fire?

    Don't forget you need things to be difficult at the start of the game too. These things will get easier as we advance in knowledge, abilities and the like, but for now things are hard or difficult because we just started the game.

    Its like being given a box of matches, it rains, and the matches gets wet... you first have to let them dry out and hope that one of them is still workable. Give it time and you will learn how to protect your matches.

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