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    Unable to connect to the Xsyon patch server...this sentence i ve see since 1 month ago and it s continue today. I cant patch xsyon i cant log in :dry: Are you building some new xsyon installer or patcher or what please????

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    Hello Radevic,

    The current installer link is posted here:

    Let me know if you have any other problems.

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    Ouch, thank you mister i couldnt see this topic coz there are thousands topics and i couldnt find him ...

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    now i tried the reinstal but not function((

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    What error are you getting?

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    I'll PM you and we'll resolve this. I might have to take you step by step to see what the problem is.

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    Ok so i unsinstall the game and instal now trough the new installer but it says the same problem...and i instal direct too. If you will be know what is problem pls answer i now must go out

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