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    Game Will Not Open

    Since the latest patch I am completely unable to open the client to the login screen, I was able to patch the game and my details are correct, but whenever the client itself starts up it doesn't even get to the log in screen before giving me an error and closing the client. No specification at all with the error, currently running the game with Windows 7 and as far as I can tell my client is up to date with the latest installer.

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    Re:Game Will Not Open

    Hello Sarin,

    When did you last update prior to this patch?

    Please try this:

    In your Xsyon/Data directory delete:


    Then run the launcher again.

    Let me know if this fixes the problem.


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    Re:Game Will Not Open

    Will do, I actually updated it not long before I made the post in the hopes that the problem was there, i'll let you know what happens.

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    Re:Game Will Not Open

    I deleted this files and the game still wont open in full screen, but it will run in window mode.

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    Re:Game Will Not Open

    that won't do it for you tredo, delete

    C:\\Users\\Public\\Games\\Xsyon\\Save\\Interface.s av

    Please note for future bug problems we would rather a separate post made so as not to remove attention away from the original poster with the original problem.

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    Re:Game Will Not Open

    After doing as requested and re-downloading the files, game runs just fine.

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