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    Sorry if the question was already asked, because of 'raft' beeing a part of 'craft' it is nearly unpossible to search for it
    So, will it be possible to build out of logs some kind of raft, or any other stuff thought of that can swim (besides myself lol)?
    I'd love it

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    Re: raft

    At the moment simply put we don't know what forms of transportation will be in. I think at the start however you can run, walk or swim... but maybe later on it can be done.

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    Travelling on a horse, raft or other vech was never accomplished in Roma Victor but I hope it can be in this game.

    Horses or whatever is left after the world was changed would be excellent.

    We can craft paddles so perhaps rafts might come soon...I hope.

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    I think it would be a really neat feature I would love to be able to build a raft or canoe.Take em out and go fishing or just mosey around the lake

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    From what has been said we will be able to tame and mount animals, how far this extends is beyond me, but I imagine if it is as open as they've made it out to be, you'll be able to ride virtually anything big enough to carry you.

    As for the subject of rafts and boats, we really can't say, the only true body of water we can navigate is the lake, but it is pretty vast. I wouldn't be surprised if we get water craft of some kind, perhaps not at the very beginning which is highly doubtful, but maybe later on.

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    This is planned as an expansion feature for the future, but not for a while.

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    After a raft... add a mast, and a sail, then a bigger boat, more sails, ect...

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