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    Control Feels like?

    How would you current testers characterize the controls and feel of your avatar? Like what current / former game does it resemble the most?

    1. Asheron's Call *looks similar to me*

    2. Anarchy Online

    3. DAoC




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    Re: Control Feels like?

    Movement in this game feels slow. I can't really describe it and comparing it to real-life experiences is stupid.

    Make the very edges of the screen fish-eye, to simulate peripheral vision. Other than that I can't think of anything to improve.

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    Re: Control Feels like?

    prokop15 wrote:
    Feels like ATITD

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    Re:Control Feels like?

    It feels a bit slow but is generally very well done. There are no areas you can not enter or shit like that.

    Perhaps a bit more speed in walking as it is a horrible thing in MMOs to see everyone running everywhere, an immersion killer.

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    Re:Control Feels like?

    We need more energy!

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    Re:Control Feels like?

    the game feels like a simulator right now. The animations are impressive but there are still some missing details (q and e as an example turns only the body, there is no steps so it looks weird as there is no animations, just about everything else has an animation, swimming, etc, i have seen swimming bears too )

    you can run walk and sprint. The world is open and very fun to explore. It's not rubbish or clunky overall and it's pure twitch. There is no Progress bars in combat, only skills.

    It does not feel that slow at all.

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