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    Naked Upon Logging In

    So, I was planning on logging into the game, and I found the following sight at my character selection:

    Edit: I logged into the game, and all my inventory, packs, and clothes and tools are all gone. I had gotten Basketry up to 54 too...

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    Re:Naked Upon Logging In

    8 pack ftw :silly:

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    Re:Naked Upon Logging In

    Did you have clothes originally?

    Did you crash and then didn't feel like bothering to login again after there for did not see the result of the crash?

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    Re:Naked Upon Logging In

    I originally had Sneaks, Lumberjack Shirt, and Scrap Jeans.

    After I was done playing this morning, I exited the game like I always have done, that is, hitting Esc and then clicking on Exit.

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    Re:Naked Upon Logging In

    That's hawt.

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