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    A few graphical issues

    1) Still seeing some view frustum culling issues. Specifically with some logs on the ground:

    2) Terrain lighting changes depending on the angle or direction of the camera:

    3) Distant trees are being culled from the center of the field of view but not the edges. I guess this is a natural result of a far clipping plane (since the distance to the plane at the center FOV is shorter than at the outer edges) but it's kind of distracting. I don't know how other games deal with it but I'm accustomed to seeing this sort of thing.

    One thing that would definitely help in general would be fading trees in an out as they cross the far clipping plane. The way they flicker in at the moment is distracting.

    I didn't bother posting a video of this last one but if it would help I can still do so.

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    Re:A few graphical issues

    Yes, trees and stumps were flickering on and off with the camera angle yesterday also, glad I found this thread, cause I didn't get any pics.

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    Re:A few graphical issues

    edit - oops, double post

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    Re:A few graphical issues

    I was going to mention this, but you've already done a great job w/ those videos. I agree that some kind of progressive fading effect would be much better than the flickering. This also occurs when you target a player or object. The flickering is very distracting.

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    Re:A few graphical issues

    pretty sure these were fixed already, no?

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    Re:A few graphical issues


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    Re:A few graphical issues

    Virtus wrote:
    pretty sure these were fixed already, no?
    no it's a new bug since last patch

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