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    Storage Bins wiping

    Not sure if its a bug or not but it seems if anything is placed into a storage bin for an extended amount of time, it dissapears.
    I loaded up one with Thread and another with scavenged items and both are empty for the third time.

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    Re:Storage Bins wiping

    Hi folks. That has happen to me, but not just storage bins. Seems any containers will eventually have a "black hole bug" (thats what i call it lol). For now only thing i do is remake another character. since its still starting out. Had that issue happen a lot last month ish and reported it.

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    Re:Storage Bins wiping

    The black hole issue we figured out but haven't quite fixed. It's different than containers not saving.

    Containers should save properly now since our latest update. If anyone is experiencing containers not saving, please let me know.

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