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    Unable to login after patching

    Help! I patched from 20100616 to 20100630 and now when I try and login it just hangs for a few seconds (authenticating) and then provides no response... just clears the password field and waits for me to try and login again. I get no status message (such as when trying to connect to a test server - server unavailable) It does not tell me my username/password combination is incorrect... just allows me to try and login again...

    I have tried changing my password and can login and out of the forum/website with no problem. It also authenticates just fine in the patcher with the same login information. I have uninstalled, cleared the registry, reinstalled and still nothing works. I've even tried installing and logging in from another computer... still no go. I think my account is jack up! help!

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    Re: Unable to login after patching

    i think it just went down and it's up again let me try... dont you have access to prelude forums ?

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    Re: Unable to login after patching

    I did preorder... where are the prelude forums... sorry so sound so novice.

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    Re: Unable to login after patching

    Oh... i see it at the bottom "Xsyon > Xsyon Citizens > Prelude Talk" got it thanks... and nope no luck getting back in yet

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    Re: Unable to login after patching

    just made a post in the Server Status thread

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    Re: Unable to login after patching

    yeah it's down right now. Dont worry about it. It's about to get much more exciting soon anyways. I was just forum lurking tonight and both servers are down

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