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    I think this game can achieve great random special events that are unique and affecting the world.

    What would you like to be dynamic most ?

    I think it is important in a pure open sandbox type game to have dynamic content and heavy emphasis on unique gameplay experiences and original events occurring perhaps randomly.

    I have a feeling that content and features will be the most important things in this game to consider with heavy dynamic events and random stuff happening so the world does not feel stale and dull.

    Do you guys think there should be natural disasters ?

    Earthquakes ? Volcano's? floods ? forest fires?

    Aliens? Mutants ? Cyborgs ? Ninja's ?

    Gangs, Outposts, Fortresses, Bunkers, pillboxes, nuclear shelters, insects, viruses and chemical warfare?

    One day in this game we will be in a futuristic city and we will siege some big capital building with 120 stories high and we will need multiple hackers, fixers, reppers, pokers, and a complete platoon of Elite Assault bio mechanized soldiers with tons of implants. We will need to close the air sector with emp beacons as well.

    This game will even do much more. I think it will be Tribal/Modern/Futuristic/experimental/wtfbbq

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    Yes I really like the ideas here.

    Things like a plague of mutant locusts so that some players help each other fight them whilst other take advantage and attack weakened tribes.

    Earthquakes that destroy the work we have done on our settlements

    Plagues that reduce strength until cured.

    Mass invasions

    All good.

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    I think it was in the first year of EQ2 going live, If not in the first year, It had to be close to it. They added a world wide plague to the game. The player base was split 50/50 on it. I for one loved it. As this plague could get you killed if you started getting sick(puking) when in a fight. Hard to fight when your bent over hurling your guts out. It was great because as a server we all had to help to find a cure for the plague. Even after we found the cure for it. You still could come back down with it, And had to make your way back to a city to be cured again. It really helped to pull me into the game. I think from the first time I got sick till the last time it was almost 3 months. It was a long world event.

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