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Thread: fun of the game

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    fun of the game

    this is going to be a''great game.
    when it gets to the point of the game where you make and build other thing then the ones you started with metalwork ,woodwork ect
    and you make a nice town,or trading post or just a camp...
    where do you go ? i love sand box games,and the open end of it all \\
    is it going to be tribe against tribe or tht and a sim type,any way
    would be nice to know some type of flow...not sure where i was going
    witht this,i guess iam not see the hole picture

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    Re:fun of the game

    I am waiting to see where this leads as well. Thatís 1/2 the fun right now. Hoping to see trading between towns forming a real economy. Also I want to see all the conflict that goes with securing resources.

    This is shaping up to be a true sandbox game with many different roles to choses from. So far I see pvp, crafting, gathering, hunting, trading, or just socialize all as viable.

    Having good looking towns and scenery will be fun to.

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    Re:fun of the game

    oh dude that photo really needs to go to that thread where Virtus asked for screenshots of the game, I love it!

    I would find the link, but I was meant to be in bed three hours ago... lol

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    Re:fun of the game

    This photo also needs to go to some of the other game sites... ie / / / just to name a few.

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    Re:fun of the game

    When you play a game that is not released yet... you have to understand it does not reflect what it is gonna be in it's final/release stage. This is especially true in this context as the dev's are smart enough to go by elimination process.

    Nobody has played Xsyon Prelude yet as there are many major systems missing still (social/tribe/hunting/cooking/etc) And while those are content/system/features it's obvious that things get polished, optimised, balanced,tweaked, improved, whatever you wanna call it.

    You can be assured that once these features are on, we will provide feedback about them .

    According to the recent news we will see hunting features soon and tribe systems asap...

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    Re:fun of the game

    We provide feedback about them now Rev. Terraforming was added because of the feedback, certain items where added because of the feedback.

    Our feedback even now is being listened to. That might not mean feedback on other sites will be listened to but it is being read by some staff at least.

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    Re:fun of the game

    Good Pic! Nice to see the way things are shaping up.

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