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    Flags, Banners, Signs

    We were working in our area today and thought it would be a cool idea if you could have a stick with a flag or banner on it to depict an area. Like a road sign if you will... over here for metal gear, over here for leather gear, over there for tailoring items ect.. A tailoring recipe that required some wood (gathered), a few leather straps for fastening securely, a few cloth scraps for decor, and a piece of cloth or 2 depending on the item and size. This could be dropped on the ground or traded. When dropped on the ground it stood upright with a few rocks at its base.. so good idea to include a rock or 2 as an ingredient. Perhaps even a pattern that would make the flags / banners more elaborate. Or give the ability to customize them, color, shape, decor, height of the mast on which they flew.

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    Re: Flags, Banners, Signs

    Just want to remind you that it is included in the prelude features that we will be able to upload a custom Tribe logo and use it ingame iirc.

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    Re: Flags, Banners, Signs

    Yup, this is part of the planned features. Not exactly like this, but quite close.

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    Re: Flags, Banners, Signs

    Well that's not really what I was talking about. I understand that tribes will have their own posts, flags, banners, signs. I get that, what I'm talking about is more for information within the cities. Say we have a large area for crafters, a market if you will. What about something to put outside of my hut, tent, leanto, or house that depicts me as a leather worker. A small stake in the ground, piece of fabric or leather with a sign on it, just something that new people, or visitors can see as information. Not something as a city wide or tribal logo.

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    Re:Flags, Banners, Signs

    Anyone see an update or know if this has been implemented as a future feature?

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