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Thread: Pattern List

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    Pattern List

    Since the Xsyon Wiki, aint a wiki, (ie, I cant edit it) I'll post this here..

    Pattern Skill Req's


    27 - Doagwa Gather's Armbands
    28 - Doagwa Gather's Pants
    30 - Doagwa Gather's Boots

    50 - Doagwa Assault

    Tailor Craft:

    20 - Rubicon

    25 - Ringmaster
    - Truckee

    35 - Freel

    40 - Yuba

    50 - Mugawlu

    Leather Craft:

    20 - Homewood
    - Tahoe

    25 - Cedarrat
    - Jacks
    - LakeRidge
    - Lo-Om
    - Spooner

    30 - Minden
    - Squaw

    35 - Edgewood

    40 - Desolation

    45 - Glendale

    50 - Genoa
    - Glendale
    - Malka
    - Suina

    60 - Aloha
    - Angora
    - Dawgot
    - Hoga

    70 - Castle Rock
    - Celecel
    - Magoyota
    - South Camp

    Bone Craft:

    15 - Ponderosa Bearbone

    20 - Zephyr Deerbone

    25 - Hellhole Deathbone

    30 - Tallac Bearbone

    35 - Crag Deathbone
    - Hogaleti Bear Bone
    - Washoe Deerbone

    40 - Carson Deerbone

    45 - Welmeti Deerbone

    50 - Pauwalu Bearbone

    55 - Washoe Deerbone

    Weapon Craft and Tool Craft are all skill 25..atm


    If you find more, as there are many, post here and I'll update..


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    Re:Pattern List

    What do you mean by patterns? Like different armor sets?

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    Re:Pattern List

    Basicly the same thing,

    You can scav new pattern sets for new armour..

    Atm, its the only way to learn a new set when you out skill (max) your starting sets..

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    Re:Pattern List

    Nice list

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    Re:Pattern List

    Thx Boss,

    If Shin can help out, it'd be a huge plus...

    Also I'd love to trade many of these patterns for human bones if yer crew has em..heh. Still can't harvest

    Also have like 15 blades and handles if any of Shin is trying out weapon.

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    Re:Pattern List

    Few more:

    Tailor Craft:
    25 Truckee
    35 Freel
    40 Yuba

    20 Tahoe
    30 Squaw
    50 Genoa
    60 Hoga
    60 Angora

    30 Tallac Bearbone
    35 Crag Deathbone
    35 Hugaleti Bearbone (might be Hogaleti)
    40 Carson Deerbone

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    Re:Pattern List

    Also have like 15 blades and handles if any of Shin is trying out weapon.
    Of course... you know where we are... just announce in local when you reach our zone...

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    Re:Pattern List

    Hiya. I have some patterns, will list them as soon as I log in and find out what each are. One i know is, Jacks Thigh Pads, leathercraft. Got it in secret cove area.

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    Re:Pattern List

    just so you know, finding random objects has nothing to do with location

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    Re:Pattern List

    Blackmere thanks a ton,

    Boss, heh ya just wanted to toss it out first..Kinda rude to just go stompin around anothers area.

    Atm fighting the uphill battle that is bonecraft...I took the fun one...human cod piece is a skull.. Xsyon said he'd be changin bone scav to be like feathers at least till hunting is implemented..
    btw, i wont hunt any Shin when that's introduced hehe.
    I have no need for these blades or handles so will send em on over tonight.

    heh forgot its a half hour over and then back..good thing I got hells kitchen to watch. :laugh:

    Ok droped off,
    10 knife blades
    9 cleaver blades
    7 small handles
    6 large handles
    there in the baskets in the corner by the huge mass of baskets hehe.

    Oddly I didnt see any bones in any of the baskets, if theres a specific basket feel free to pm me the exact loc for it.

    btw, The fort is AMAZING, great job on it!

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