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Thread: Update July 22

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    Update July 22

    so the plan is to bring it all together into a new update
    - Xsyon
    Bring what together? Way to leave us hanging :P

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    Re:Update July 21



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    Re:Update July 21

    Virtus wrote:

    OMG, those typos always.
    That is written 'Souprise',
    and it's one of the oldest famous Olympic games.
    All competitors have to hold a disk of soup over their head as long as they can.
    The winner is kissed by the soup-princess and has to eat it all up. :silly:

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    Re:Update July 21

    The lack of sense in that post is staggering yet I fins myself inescapably amused by it.

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    Re:Update July 21

    Tribe totems and hunting would make me very happy

    Stealing from containers is getting a bit out of hand so would love to see something to address that as well.

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    Re:Update July 21

    if Jooky said hes gathering all the work from his team , that could mean only : we re going to get a big update! or we can at least hope so ^^

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    Re:Update July 21

    I think someone needs to change the title to update July 22nd :unsure:

    I hope the update comes up sometime today at the very least...

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    Re:Update July 22

    Done B)

    I am sure its coming soon

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