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    Castle of the Winds?

    Does anyone here remember a game called Castle of the Winds? It was a game made back in windows 3.1x days.

    Well I again got the overwhelming desire to play the game again, alas to find that it can't work on 64bit systems!

    Well today I found dosbox (had it for sometime to be honest, but mostly used it for my mother who had a few games she liked). And dang, I had to buy Windows 3.11, you believe it, they still want money from the freaking dos version of windows!

    But anyways... I got Castle of the Winds working! Anyone still remember that game?
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    Re:Castle of the Winds?

    Would u be kind to post some pics... Never played that game... :dry:

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    Re:Castle of the Winds?

    There are many pictures within google, visit one of the fan sites to the game (yes even after this amount of time (late 80s) at "[url=]The temple of Odin[/url]"
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    Re:Castle of the Winds?

    Found Dosbox a few months back, but rediscovered it a few weeks back, gotta love Ascendancy! (And Magic Carpet)

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    Re:Castle of the Winds?

    Can always remember Dune, but I could never understand how to play it, got into it again, but got bored of it lol.
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    Re:Castle of the Winds?

    [b]Nails wrote:[/b]
    [quote]...[G]otta love Ascendancy![/quote]Wow, I can't stop playing this game! I know its years old now, but dang, I love it lol!

    Does anyone know what that newer game is called (released back in 2000's iirc - the same people that does skins or something for windows, but I cant recall what they call themselves)?
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    Re:Castle of the Winds?

    Dude, I remember playing CoW. Just got addicted to it for like 2hrs... Took forever though to get back into the groove of it. Died so many times in the first 2 levels. What fun
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