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    A good group of people..

    that is active and is still logging in. I have created, deleted and recreated various toons which all of them seem fun to do. So it really doesn't matter (as of now) what I play. It's the fact I want to participate with others in the same common goal. Crafting and developing our camp/village/town/city/whatever/tribe! I have only seen a half a dozen people in game but really unsure where to go or who to join.

    Have wandered the lands around the lake, Found the area where the Ponderosa Ranch would have been located. I have realized it takes a few people working together so that brings me to ask. Even just exploring and doing, Having a great time!

    I do believe axes can create a spark just as well as a sword can. Add axes to use with flint to start fires.

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    Re: A good group of people..

    it would really help if the game had the tools for that matter. Just not yet...

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    Re:A good group of people..


    We are city building and crafting quite a bit right now.

    Have a look

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