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    Update in Other section

    Just a suggestion,

    Shouldn't the other Announcement Section be update more ? As people dropping by may think that not much is going on. As the last update was june 14th.

    I know it may take you away from doing the main stuff, But perhaps a mod/admin can copy/paste?

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    Re:Update in Other section

    I'll throw a list together of things that are in maybe.

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    Re:Update in Other section

    We so need that new forums!!!!

    At least that way, things like this thread can be copied to the Announcement thread.

    Actually... Virtus, shouldn't that thread be in the announcement thread anyway? Or at least copied over (less work for Jooky by doing that).

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    Re:Update in Other section

    Fight fight fight!!!

    I bet 20 Deerbone spines on Virt!

    Sry Kiwi but he can spawn should be able to as well..

    then again you can ban me from I love high stakes betting hehe...

    Gotta come down to a bear fight...

    What am I dev should have spawning should be random...heh

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    Re:Update in Other section

    Virtus form of powers comes from Dev or Admin in game. Currently no Game Master abilities have been made.

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