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    How playable is the game

    How playable is the game on a scale from 1-10

    1-bugs everywhere.
    5-average for a game a few weeks from launch.
    10-game is ready to go with all features in place.

    Would you recommend the game to someone or should I wait. FYI I have no MMORPG im interested in to play and I want some hardcore immersion.

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    Re:How playable is the game

    Based on your scale i can't really give a number. However I can give a status.

    All bugs get fixed within a decent amount of time depending on their severity. Major ones could see a fix by the next day, depending on how quickly the cause is found.

    Just today an update went out fixing some major issues with containers and terrain (random black patches).

    As for features and things to do:

    Hunting was just activated today, this includes gathering fur, hides, and bones.

    There is terraforming, which a lot of people love.

    There is also fishing, scavenging, PVP, PVE, and logging.

    These are the major features and things to do right now. While it doesn't sound like a lot of people just have fun with terraforming and I'm sure hunting now.

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    Re:How playable is the game

    Don't forget Basketry. The ability to create grass armor(s?) and portable containers.

    I really need to met up with a Tailor and see if items that use grass resources for the Weaver can be 'upgraded' with resources from a Tailor.

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    Re:How playable is the game

    bah! knew i was forgetting something but it wasn't coming.

    Yes there is crafting of clothing and containers, but no structures yet.

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    Re:How playable is the game

    I understand the game is a work in process, are people having fun?

    Please only paying customers.

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    Re:How playable is the game


    no tribe systems yet, no social systems yet, no construction yet.

    People are not staying ingame except the people that come from already established clans.

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    Re:How playable is the game

    oh and theres no cooking yet and many things that remain to be seen overall like all the dynamic systems etc I think it's only fun if you come with an already established clan as the game does not provide any social/tribal features yet.

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    Re:How playable is the game

    Love terraforming... Its one way to show your creativity...

    Would be nice if brick laying, and stone laying would be implemented.
    So i can build a Egyptian pyramid to stand forever.

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    Re:How playable is the game

    My question would be if I joined today what could I do?

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    Re:How playable is the game

    There's terraforming, crafting, hunting and some sloppy PVP. That's about it for now.

    Personaly I really like the crafting.

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