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    3rd and 4th Pouch seems bugged

    Hello, just found out the 3rd and 4th pouch is bugged. You can not put anything in the second row, it keeps asking do you want to discard item?
    The 1st and 2nd pouches works fine, the 3rd and 4th, you can only place items in the first five inventory slot, the bottom five is bugged.

    Pouch 3
    slot 1 ok slot 2 ok slot 3 ok slot 4 ok slot 5 ok
    slot 6 bugged--------------------------->slot 10

    Pouch 4 (same).

    Guess we can now have 90 slots/inventory space.

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    Re:3rd and 4th Pouch seems bugged

    Also if you have stuff in slots 6-10 then swap it from pouch 1or2 to pouch 3or4 slots the stuff in slots 6-10 are in boxes that continue off of slot 1-5


    insted of


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