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    Diplomat List

    So, I just took over being the Hopi Tribes diplomat. I don't know how many othere tribes have diplomats, or If most of you are going with leader does all. Any way it goes, I was hoping to start a list here so that we all know who to go to when wanting to reach out and get in-touch with other tribes.

    I am, Like I said at the top of the post, The Hopi Tribe Diplomat. But, and yes there is a but, I am not the last word on all diplomatic matters. When it comes to diplomacy affairs I am the spokesman for my tribe. I take it the the chieftains(Officers) of our tribe, Then if it passes there, It goes on to the rest of the tribe to decide how to go forward. Once a decision has been made, I take that decision back to the othere diplomat or leader to let them know.

    [b]Alik Steel[/b], [i]Hopi Tribe Diplomat[/i]

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    Re:Diplomat List

    Good idea Alik Steel,

    Contact Bossman or Paradox for relations with Shinra.

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    Re:Diplomat List

    Hi Alik,

    Nomad Ambassador Jack is the Nomad Ambassador. I think you two have met as we have exchanged greetings on our respective tribe websites on several occasions. Nomad Ambassador Jack is currently away in the middle east. We are hopeful to have him back soon, safe and sound, to resume his duties as our tribe's ambassador. I am certain he will be in contact with your tribe soon upon his return. In his absence, and on behalf of the Nomads, I'd like to send a warm hello to the Hopi Tribe. The Nomads look forward to fun, productive, and long lasting, diplomatic relations.

    Nomad Creed Guardian

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    Re:Diplomat List

    I'm the guild leader of DHV, so I'll be dealing with diplomacy for now. I've actually tried to send some PMs to Hopi, but hadn't heard back. Nice to have an official name now.

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    Re:Diplomat List

    Well, I suppose people can contact me about the Wolverines, although I'll probably forward your message on to my XO. I have to appear important after all.

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    Re:Diplomat List

    i can speak on behalf of the Templar

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